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phoenix per sito.jpg

From the 16th November at our Legno & Legno space it is possible to visit "Phoenix", a solo exhibition by the German artist based in Venice Peggy Milleville.

After the great success of his exhibition Phoenix – Art of the Next Century,

which was held in September 2020 at Fondaco Marcello, Peggy Milleville presents her second retrospective of the same name.

The artist is very happy to be able, thanks to Daniele Raunich and Pier Paolo Scelsi, to have an exhibition room at the cultural center "CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo", which is located at the Crea shipyard on the island of Giudecca: a space with inspiring dimensions and an industrial character that the presence of the works of art enhances instead of hiding it. It is here that from 15 November to 17 December 2023 the treasures of his atelier will be able to wander, which miraculously escaped the disastrous high water of November 2019 and which will join the artist's new creations and discoveries. Thus an "elegant chaos" consisting of sculptures, paintings, drawings and objects will be born on the Giudecca, while a certain number of sculpted figures will be presented in parallel in his open atelier, located in Piscina San Samuele, in the San Marco district. Soon it will also be possible to discover the visual and musical performances by invitation. The concept is entirely placed under the sign of movement and change.




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