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16th of April from 11:30-20:00

Join us for a day of introspection at our upcoming event, where six performances will explore the theme of equilibrium. From mental and spiritual balance to physical harmony, these performances offer a glimpse into the delicate art of finding balance in our lives. Each piece serves as a reflection on the delicate balance we seek in our lives.

In ‘Do not feed the wild animals’ by Antonio Irre @irreantonio, witness the struggle for inner peace amidst chaos, a testament to the importance of physical equilibrium in turbulent times. The performance start at 11:30 in the main entrance of CREA.

Chiara Pegoraro’s ‘Crollare, prendere forma’ @chiarapegoraroo explores the physical equilibrium in its relationship with matter, illustrating the beauty and strength found in achieving physical equilibrium. The start of the performance is at 15:15 pm.

‘Here and now’ by Lidia Russkova-Hasaya @saintlidia invites you to embrace the present moment, finding harmony in the midst of life’s uncertainties. The performance starts at 16:15 pm.

Sara Cecconi’s ‘Abbi cura di te stesso’ @saracecconi_art delves into the importance of self-care, reminding us of the necessity of nurturing our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. The beginning of the performance is at 16:30 pm.

Aliteia’s ‘The ballad of human mutation’ @aliteia_art challenges perceptions of equilibrium, inviting contemplation on the ever-shifting nature of balance. The performance begins at 17:30 pm.

‘Feed me’ by Beatrice Donda @beatrice.donda explores the delicate balance between consumption, sustenance and power, prompting reflection on our interconnectedness with the world around us. The final performance is at 20:00 pm.



curated by
Sara Bizai
Gaia De Santi
Filippo Vane
Victoria Fedeeva


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