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CREA Cantieri del Contemporanea is born, a reality of artistic and cultural production on the Giudecca island. It takes its steps from the experience of the One Contemporary Art association, active since 2017, in the area of ​​the Venetian minor shipbuilding. The combination of craftsmanship and visual arts creates a circuit of support for the respective activities with a shared mission and a participatory identity.
These premises have led to methods of international collaboration that see the first example set up in "Fundamenta", a permanent project constituting the cultural realities of Munich and Venice, historically places of very important innovation in the history of art.
Thomas Lynsmayer, Pier Paolo Scelsi, and Elmar Zorn will lead a unique and shared working group, whose purpose is to produce cultural research in the two capitals of Bavaria and Veneto, in ideal spaces to tell, through exhibitions, talks, performances and concerts, the continuity and contemporary artistic richness of these two cities.
The foundations are the hidden part of a building but which supports the entire structure, which is why Fundamenta stands as an at the origins, at the foundations of artistic practice.
Furthermore, in the Venetian vocabulary the foundations are the pedestrian arteries of the city, anchored to the bottom of the lagoon: direct is the call to encounter, trade and cultural exchange.
The first stage of this partnership will be Venice. At the spaces of CREA Cantieri del Contemporanea, the exhibition “Lichtwende. The turning point of Light ”will see the participation of internationally renowned artists Ugo Dossi, Martin Rosenthal and Anie Speermann from 15 May to 18 June 2022.
Video works, installations and sculptures are collected in an exhibition that focuses on the different declinations of perception, of the unconscious and of superimposition, all properties of an element as physical as it is immaterial, such as the.
With their poetics they have crossed the decades of art, exploring multiple mediums, in continuous research and experimentation of expressive languages ​​of contemporaneity.
Once again Venice becomes a bridge between tradition and innovation, reaffirming its role as a meeting and commission center between apparently role-playing professionals such as craftsmanship and
contemporary arts transcending the different geographies.

For Lichtwende, the turning point of light, Ugo Dossi reaffirms his artistic research that revolves around the creativity of the unconscious, around the sensual and supernatural. He plays with archetypal and collective images, with automatic drawings, subliminal projections, with paranormal phenomena. With his signs she creates inner images, which he describes as the only real ones because they have an effect.
His installations have been exhibited twice at Documenta (Documenta 6 and Documenta 8), at the Venice Biennials (1986 and 2011), Paris (1975) and Buenos Aires (2000), as well as in numerous solo exhibitions in international museums, from last in the Museum of Egyptian Art in Munich and currently in the Würth Museum.
Typical of Ugo Dossi's work is his treatment of the forms of representation of the unlimited, which bring thought into the perception of the infinite that lies behind everything.
Dossi takes up this topic again and again. For his contribution to Documenta 6, he elaborated it as a mathematical form of a model of the world and of "relative freedom" and for Documenta 8 it
placed in the space of the unconscious world of the imagination with projections of subliminal images. An intense, intimate and unique sense of the universal radiates from all of his works.

Monadea, on the other hand, is Martin Rosenthal's sound and video installation based on original texts by Giordano Bruno. For the author, the monad defined by Giordano Bruno is a primordial fractal that seems visionary and timeless up to the present. The smallest part where the whole becomes visible just like in any other fractal. We are approaching the quantum era. Superposition is a foundation of quantum physics. In the Monadea work, the overlaps are visible several times. More clearly in the double bilingual composition of Giordano Bruno's text. A sound and video installation that allows you to experience parallel perceptions that seem foreign to our perceptual system, even if we encounter them every day. for example B. in the vaporetto, on the bus, in the crowd at the train station, everywhere in a world full of people, full of languages, full of emotions and full of attention. In a second presentation video, Ugo Dossi and Martin Rosethal will also show a series of short videos that will flow into the art scene as NFT, thus completing the vision of the new era of the virtual world.
In his work, MR faces and transcends the limits of perception. The Venetian intervention adds to an important biography that recounts installations in museums in China, Europe and the USA and large-scale screenings in Lichtsicht 4 and 6 at the Projection Biennale in Bad Rothenfelde.

Pegasus is the work of Annie Seermann for Venice. A magical creature that unfolds its effects in the mind. It is a gift for humanity, which wants to fly away from within, giving wings to their thoughts. As a heraldic animal of poetry, Pegasus is a symbol of freedom of thought. My art wants to awaken the desire for freedom. Pegasus is an image
interior which I carry on the outside so that it can be seen there. Pegasus shows himself as a flying horse and a symbol of incomprehensible, spherical, immaterial light. He is the leading figure in my world, even in my dream world. Come the mountain of the gods, bring the light of the upper world into earthly darkness and Pegasus inspires art.
After his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, he studied at Lychett Minster and in the laboratories of Pietrasanta / Carrara.
Business trips to Argentina, Uruguay, France, Hungary and the Dominican Republic. From 2014 to 2016 he studied in Nice. Since 2017 you have participated in the foundation of LICHTWENDE, a project that involves numerous guest artists. 2018 are the new image designs for the Pegasus cycle.

Ugo Dossi, Martin Rosenthal, Anie Speermann

a cura di
Pier Paolo Scelsi
Elmar Zorn

Giudecca 253 | Venezia


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