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Official Logo of CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo

CREA, "clay" in venetian slang, is the material of art and artisans. the two living elements of our project, able to connect venetian identity to worldwide contemporary art network.
In the meanwhile CREA is the nick name of Gianfranco Vianello, the first artisan to start his activity in the docks in the late 70's, known in venice as "Maestro D'Ascia", the artisan able to build and design boats and Gondolas, and 12 times winner of the "Regata Storica" when he used to be a gondolier.

In the logo, design for us by Graffette Agency, The natural element of the waves recalls the water and the lagoon that embraces Venice, a thread conductor between the logo and the territory and the group of people in which and with whom the project was born.
The eye that makes up the pictogram observes reality and, like the eye of the artist and the craftsman, reinterprets it and transform into something new.

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