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One Contemporary Art Space reopens its spaces to the public after the Covid-19 emergency which had caused the temporary interruption and postponement of the exhibition program, which was scheduled to start last March. On July 17, One Contemporary Art is pleased to present the first appointment of 222. Prospettivo comune a project that will develop in several moments and which aims to investigate the subject of the landscape and its reproduction in the contemporary analogical dimension and virtual.
The title of the exhibition is inspired by the famous "precept" of the "Treatise on Painting" in which Leonardo Da Vinci expresses the theory on the perspective that characterizes his work and will become the cornerstone of the research of subsequent generations of artists. In this first stage 222.
Prospettivo Comune, presents the work of three young artists active in Venice, Angela Grigolato, Jingge Dong and Laura Omacini, who through different mediums, painting, photography, printing on textile materials, focus their attention on the only element formally absent, but intimately present in their works: the human being and his perception.
The human element, as a tool for translating the image into will and representation, is placed at the center of a continuous and necessary tension towards "the horizon", a limit point as a space for meeting, mixing and connection.

"It is in us that landscapes have landscape"

Fernando Pessoa writes in "The book of restlessness" setting in motion a short circuit between subject and object of looking, in which the purely aesthetic element of the landscape loses its central role of objectivity in favor of the subjective role of the observer, the only true possible place of perception, medium through which the translation and narration of the real that surrounds it is made possible.


coordination and communication Elisamaria Covre
staff Laura Biocca, Sofia Masci.
Social media Caterina Lippi


curated by Pier Paolo Scelsi e Francesca Mavaracchio

Jingge Dong, Angela Grigolato, Laura Omacini

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