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Never before have scientific and technological advances influenced our daily life in many ways as today. What were once familiar notions such as body, genus or species are no longer perceived as fixed and defined but have acquired fluid qualities. The RAW / à vif or the unnatural desire to design a human exhibition presents the work of Noémie Soula for the first time in Venice and is curated by ONE and Unbore. Noémie Soula is a French artist, in 2018 she graduated in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins UAL (University of the Arts London) and is currently active in the London scene. Her works explore the way in which tissue engineering and genomics, thanks to the progress made in recent years, make it possible to alter the human body. Her work therefore focuses on exploring emerging biotechnologies and predicting how these affect our understanding of ourselves first, then our life and perception of humanity as a whole. Through a multidisciplinary approach that combines science, storytelling and design, Noémie Soula investigates and communicates current scientific practices from a new perspective looking to the future, in order to question current biological systems and technological development that aims to go beyond common expectations on the take place. The artist's project proposes the encounter between transhumanism and biology, within a scenario in which the definition of human being has changed; she therefore calls the viewer to reflect on new themes and answer new questions. Unbore is a Dutch non-profit association, a curious ecosystem that promotes and supports the intersections between art, life sciences and technology; encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and creating an engaging cultural program that ranges between bioart and biodesign. 


One Contemporary Art + Unbore

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