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The winners of the “Public Art and Metaverse” competition will exhibit their works at “CREA” in Venice starting from 30 November.


From 30 November to 30 December 2023, in the spaces of One Contemporary Art Hydro Mirò da CREA you can visit the works of the winning artists of the "Public Art and Metaverse" competition.

The exhibition is placed as the final step of the vast project “VIRAL HUMAN – Public art and Metaverse. Before Virtual Exhibition on the island of Venice", dedicated to Visual Arts and Contemporary Music, created by the artist

multimedia Sara Grilli. The project was created and promoted by two companies from Pescara: MiRNArte, a company of production and development of Contemporary Art and Creative Motion projects, a multimedia production studio that creates documentaries and innovative digital projects.

The call for participation initially allowed artists from all over the world to exhibit

virtually, in the city of Venice, his work within the MiRNArte mobile application, available on iOS and Android. The application, innovative and unique in its kind, hosted the site-specific installation Viral Human and the Public Art and Metaverse exhibition, guiding the visitor on an immersive and interactive experience on a journey parallel between two historical eras, the Plague and Covid.

Curated by Pier Paolo Scelsi, the exhibition brings together the proposals of 9 artists selected by a jury made up of illustrious people members of the sector - including the well-known artist Fabrizio Plessi, the composer and conductor Carlo Boccadoro, the director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice Riccardo Caldura, the director of the Music Conservatory “Benedetto Marcello” Roberto Gottipavero, the artist Mario Airò, the composer Daria Baiocchi and the creator artist

of the Sara Grilli project.

This is how Viral Human was born, a site specific installation made up of 9 virtual stages ideally located on the map of Jacopo de' Barbari and can be used through a mobile application, which like a "time capsule" travels between 1576 and 2020, offering the user a dual visit path, remotely and in person. This last modality is surrender accessible with special AR markers activated via geolocation.

Although Viral Human was almost finished at the end of 2022, the whole project brought us back to something more great of an individual artistic action. It was supposed to become a viral collective action.

Thus "Public Art and Metaverse" was born, accompanied by a call for participation dedicated to the Visual Arts and the

Musica Contemporanea, which still aspires not only to spread a site-specific design method

addressed to virtual space, but also the need to build contemplative spaces and recompose, starting from places of our lives, that increasingly absent subjectivity.

Sixty-eight artists were called to compete with the amphibious city and establish a link between their work and a specific place in Venice. The call was aimed at a wide range of categories both in the Music sector Contemporary and Visual Arts, precisely to give voice to an international linguistic pluralism.

We thank all the sponsoring institutions, the partners who joined the initiative, in particular CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo for having granted us the honor of exhibiting the winning artists in its spaces. The exhibition Arte Pubblica e Metaverso will be curated by Pier Paolo Scelsi”.




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