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The CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo exhibition program celebrates its start
of the new year with Giulia Mastrangelo's personal exhibition.
In the artist's works, the use of the word is determined in a logical game of discovery of her identity through its opposite. The etymological research of words carefully selected, occurs in an advancing chain of references
contradicting themselves in which, however, adjectives and their opposites do not exclude, but yes they combine and define both the individual and collective dimensions together.
CONTRAPPUNTO is the title of the exhibition, and it borrows from the rules of
musical composition, the co-presence of independent melodic lines. A sequence
of notes against notes like that of words against others. CONTRAPPUNTO; term that it incorporates the definitions of opposite understood as the co-presence of meanings, in fact which writing and note and in the last point; the graphic sign of arrangement and gaze retrospective on the situation. Venice, in this antithetical game, allows itself as background. The city is seen as a continuity of rhythm and colour; an overview of individual characteristics (and contradictions) that are reflected in common ones.
Through the works presented, the artist tries to look at the world with one perspective expanded which allows her to reason about universal concepts. From the water, the view of the island of Giudecca allows the spectator to rediscover his own movement oblique and discontinuous; his gaze precarious, labile and contradictory. They are not there definitions and there are no dogmas, perception is open and changeable and everyone is guided to discover one's own and to reflect on possible others.
The multimedia nature of Giulia Mastrangelo's works moves between the languages of poetry visual arts, photography, painting and glass, in collaboration with the sita furnace on the island of Murano, Wave Murano Glass.



curated by Pier Paolo Scelsi

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