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One Contemporary Art is pleased to present Texture of Fade. The exhibition, curated by Francesca Mavaracchio, is inserted as a further chapter of reflection and research regarding the theme of the landscape and the anthropic vision of it and will present, through the recent research of the German artist Reiner Heidorn, for the first time in exhibition in Venice, a focus on the theme of perception and distortion of the naturalistic element.
The exhibition will open at the Legno & Legno space on the Giudecca Island and will reconfirm for this 2021 the collaboration with the aforementioned artisan reality, previously involved in Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey project.
The exhibition will be the main chapter of a route born two years ago starting from a curatorial studio visit which evolved into a research and a knowledge, of the places in which the artist works and has seen its final stage this year in Venice. The German artist works on the landscape and color element typical of his region, Bavaria, in which the great woods and its mists become the predominant subject on large canvases soaked in a bright oil painting. The colors, the light and the brushstrokes present on the canvas go to arrange in a game of mixture to implement a dissolution of the visual element and make room for a dreamlike and fairytale perception.
The title wants to investigate what is the etymological reference of the word "texture", as a plot that have its development around the predominant element of color, which has always been linked to the consideration of nature and objects in light. Color in the sense of matter and in that of sensation and dream for what our eye perceives from the landscape that surrounds us; which for the artist takes on the dimension of the living natural element, due to the luxuriant forests of Bavaria, its lakes and in stark contrast to the thousand facets of gray dominant of the modern city.
Green and blue, as Manlio Brusatin writes in "History of color", are colors necessary for the hopes of our civilization, those shades are almost a right that is not denied to anyone but that is continually subtracted from the modern city with the promise of biggest benefits. These hopes can be translated to the Venetian reality, a unique city, the result of an inseparable combination of natural and anthropogenic factors; the lagoon is an element in which man continues to adapt and live together, repeats the same colors defined by the filaments of reflected light and by the microorganisms that inhabit its waters and which together delineate its fragile ecosystem.

Reiner Heidorn – german painter 1966 born in Bavaria lives and works in Weilheim/Bavaria   

Reiner Heidorn
a cura di Francesca Mavaracchio

Giudecca 211/B | Venezia
Space Legno&Legno

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