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ONE CONTEMPORARY ART and the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, present a new collaboration, which will lead to exhibit in the artisan spaces of Legno & Legno, twenty-three students of the institution, some of them at their first experience outside the academic context, to give voice and space for the cultural wealth produced by the Venetian university.

An important sign that confirms ONE's will and commitment to network, opening up to contaminations, collaborations and projects, not only with an attention to the world of international art, but also with a focus on Venice and on the young artists who they are found in our city, where they live and where they are formed.
With a view to an annual and continuous program, 2021 will involve the painting and graphics ateliers directed respectively by Professors Luca Reffo and Paolo Fraternali with the exhibition 'Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey'. The title of the exhibition refers to the Beatles song of the same name, released in 1968 as part of the album "The Beatles".
The aim of the project is to investigate the mediums of Visual Art as a very strong element of communication which, across the course of history, have been a tool for the narration of truth and lie, with a very strong didactic ability to reproduce the real and the only means of transposition and narration of the surreal. , of the psychedelic, of the alteration, of the journey into the space of elsewhere and of the imaginary.
The exhibition itinerary includes paintings born from a participatory reflection on the possibilities and challenges offered by exhibition spaces of rare beauty. The group of seven young artists from Atelier 12, one of the five ateliers of the School of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, paraphrasing the lyrics of the song of the cockroaches, promoted a site-specific work with the aim of amplifying the potentiality of the essential elements shared by the individual expressive identities. The Atelier aims to develop the student's creative singularity through an in-depth study of the multiple declinations of the image in relation to the different languages ​​that characterize the contemporary art scene.
Also represented in the exhibition is the intriguing artistic form of Art Engraving that uses a current, realistic language with no boundaries of use, to tell the story of life. The processes that this expressive technique stimulates become of fundamental importance in the artistic-cultural growth of artists in training, both in terms of research and execution.
A contemporary art print with today's formats and supports, stimulated by new multimedia technologies, is oriented on parameters that necessarily force it to recode itself into solutions and processes: design, execution, impression phase, framing itself as such, in the space and certainly no longer at ease in glass showcases, shelves, or imprisoned in refined library cases.

Artists present in the exhibition: Alessio Bertolo, Silvia Bruttomesso, Francesca Bullo, Francesca Carolo, Jiang Chenglin, Elena Della Sala, Giulia Gabellone, Francesco Lella, Alessandro Lassi, Ilaria Mantovani, Sara Manzan, Ilaria Miotto, Giuseppe Pernigotti, Cristina Pozzan, Beatrice Pescarolo, Giorgia Ragnacci, Fu Sen, Yang Tingjun, Gianmarco Toma, Cinzia Tusini, Elia Vencato, Yin Xirui, Shang Yuheng.









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