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We are pleased to announce an upcoming event dedicated to maritime culture, which will take place in Venice, Italy on the 18th of April. This gathering will bring together artists, sailors, gondoliers, and sailing enthusiasts to discuss and explore this unique heritage.


The main purpose of this event is to promote and celebrate maritime culture, shedding light on its historical significance and contemporary relevance. Through various activities and events, we strive to deepen understanding of the traditions of seafaring, sailing, and the maritime lifestyle. Through dialogue between artists and representatives of maritime culture, we hope to find ways to preserve and further develop this rich heritage.


This event is a preliminary phase of the second MARLANDS project, which involves many European Cultural and Scientific organizations and is co-founded by the EU. The project takes place in the Mediterranean islands. MARLANDS combines artistic and scientific work, engaging various disciplines to explore and develop a sustainable culture of human interaction with the marine environment. It seeks to codify, mobilize, and promote conscious relationships between people and the sea.


During our meeting, we will delve into potential topics and plans for work on these fascinating islands. Experts in the field will join us to discuss current trends and ideas in maritime culture, sharing their knowledge and experience. We hope these conversations will inspire artists to create work that captures the essence of this culture and resonates with audiences.


The event will take place at The CREA cultural center, which is located in an authentic Venetian building historically associated with boat culture. Since 2016, CREA has been a center of coexistence and collaboration between international contemporary art and the Venetian Minor Shipbuilding consortium. This unique location will serve as the backdrop for our event, creating an exciting atmosphere that perfectly complements the theme.


We invite you to join us for this exciting event, where we will celebrate and explore maritime culture.





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