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78678_Jiri Hauschka_Prilis velka ryba_80x120cm (1200x788)-696x385.jpg

One Contemporary Art in collaboration with Art Lines is pleased to present "Over  There,  Outside" first exhibition in Venice by the Czech artist  Jiri Hauschka. The exhibition hosted inside the Hydro Space, will be an opportunity to meet one of the most interesting contemporary artists who emerged from the panorama of the Czech Republic after the fall of the communist regime that had ruled the country since the end of the Second World War.

The exhibition stands as a further chapter of reflection within the review of THE SPACE WE LIVE IN, a rich series of 12 exhibitions, talks, performances, curatorial projects, installations, which will take place in the spaces of Giudecca from May 21 to the end of December, involving and connecting the various expressive mediums of contemporary art with the study of architectural space.

The "Space in which we live" understood in the physical sense, of the Cartesian place of living in the house or the city, in the contemporary world and of recent history, the "know-how" as a means of preserving cultural identity and at the same time as the main means of progress and response to the emergencies of the current century. But at the same time extending the meaning of "The space in which we live" to the anthropic dimension, understood as the relationship between human being and human being, in the social and political codification of coexistence, and finally understood as a study of the relationship between man and nature, both in the intimate dimension of being, of the continuous and constant relationship between action and reaction, between development and eco-sustainability.

Una time again in the recent research of ONE ,after the experience of "222.Prospettiva Comune" 2020 and "Texture of  Fade"  2021,    in  "Over  There,  Outside",exhibition curated by Francesca  Mavaracchio and Pier Paolo Scelsi,  the pictorial medium becomes, story, reflection, research on the "relationship between man and nature", capable of moving in the most intimate and fragile dimension of being.

In this perspective, within the works of Jiri Hauschka the human element is often present in natural or urban contexts but mostly as an apparition,presence,  figure delimited by mere contours, within the space and the actions in which it is portrayed or the instruments to which it is accompanied, do not override the context but strengthen it. The two worlds, in mixing and influencing each other, combine in a fair balance, in which one becomes a question and answer for the other.

Hauschka was born in Šumperk,  in a small town in north Moravia, which finds its place behind the mountains, among the large forests and away from suffocating population centers. From the basin of this reality, the Czech painter re-elaborates his emotional landscapes, is fascinated by the mystical and magical nature of the forest, the gloomy atmosphere of the mists, the colorful lights of a night city.

Through this first-born suggestion and influenced in the London years (2005-2006) during which he approached the Stuckist movement - a movement founded in 1999 to promote and restore figurative art in opposition to a purely conceptual art - Hauschka distances himself from what we can define as his first style, more focused on the abstraction of forms and comes to structure the visual aesthetic elaboration that distinguishes him in recent research. He mentions works referring to this period, title and year.

Turning to his works, in fact, it may seem that there is a strong and preponderant abstract component, which, however, at a  second, closer look, unravels towards a clearer figuration.

The fluidity of the lines, animated by bright and energetic colors, accompany the viewer through a journey into the visual, in an intimate story of the landscape permeated by a dreamy and poetic nature that finds its stable balance in the anthropic element.

"Over there, outside." is part of a triptych of contemporary exhibitions in the spaces of ONE CONTEMPORARY ART in collaboration with Art Lines Prague that will bring to Venice in  September the work of 24 different artists.

Together with "Middle of Europe! " and to "Czech  Glass,  Quo  Vadis?!" , exhibition included in the official circuit of the  Venice  Glass Week, "Over  There,  Outside." inaugurates the project of cooperation and continuous international collaboration between CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo and the important institution of the Czech Republic operating in many countries of the world.

Jiri Hauschka
a cura di
Francesca Mavaracchio e Pier Paolo Scelsi

Giudecca 211/C | Venezia
Space Hydro

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