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Homesick at CREA Venice International Cultural Center is a new show curated by Alena Stetsiukevich.
The exhibition provokes contemplation on the plight of losing one's identity as a result of being detached from their native culture. It delves into the profound longing for a safe place to call home, whether that be within oneself or in the physical realm. It examines the inner transformation that transpires as a consequence of navigating global challenges and circumstances that compel individuals to abandon their homelands in search of a sense of belonging.
Featuring the works of two international artists, Lidia Russkova-Hasaya and Timofey Kolesnikov, the show captures the essence of homesickness in a thought- provoking manner. Through various mediums, such as photography, installation, and video art, both artists explore the depths of this sentiment, offering a unique perspective on the human experience.
Lidia Russkova-Hasaya’s practice moves between photography, video,
performance, sound, and total installations. Her works focus on the interconnection of universal images, language, and momentum, exploring the relationship between individual and collective memories. She extends her research beyond the context of image production, embracing historical linearity and ideological certainties of representation in present histories. She sees the capacity of art to be a vehicle for dialogue among diverse locations.
Timofey Kolesnikov explores various dimensions of human identity—the multifaceted nature of emotion, the spiritual inner workings of behavior, and the aesthetic power of the human body. His artistic practice centers around a longing to understand the very essence of human nature, its potentials, and constraints.
Timofey constructs a visual language, experimenting with classical portraiture as well as social and documentary photography. The subject of his work mediates between the invisible, inner mechanisms of self-identity and the abstract allure of form.
Together, Lidia and Timofey's artworks create a collaborative narrative, a dialogue between the artists and the audience. Viewers are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences of homesickness and to question what it means to lose one's identity.





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